For months and miles

For almost four months now, I have been training for a half marathon race – my first one! The ultimate goal is to finish the run and to not be concerned (overly, at least) with my pace. I want to enjoy the run, enjoy the views along the way. It will be a route I’ve never run. Although it does house quite a few familiar landmarks, I will be seeing them from a different viewpoint.

For almost four months, i’ve replied to the question regarding my weekend plans – with miles. This really started when my mileage for the long run reached 6 miles, because at that point I was breaking into unfamiliar territory.

For almost four months, I’ve followed a weekly plan. I ran on Monday, did pilates on Tuesdays, Cycling on Wednesdays, ran a few miles or sprinted on the treadmill on Thursdays and completed my long runs on Saturdays.

My run took me places and helped me make discoveries – around small towns and neighborhoods I wasn’t really aware existed. I ran through a cemetery – something I would’ve never normally done.

I learned I could do things I set my mind to and not be afraid. And even if was afraid, I pushed through the fear. On one run, I needed to run around a garter snake laying in the middle of the trail, sunning himself. He wasn’t easily spooked, so as opposed to turning around and finding another route I simply ran around him. (I hate snakes).

I made adjustments. When my family was traveling one weekend (to the land of humidity), I adjusted my schedule so I could go along. I still ran, mind you.

I made new friends and memories along the way –


And I became much more concerned about the workout/running wardrobe for the week than I did my daytime or work clothes. I mean if the weather forecast was remotely accurate, I had it about down to a T.

I ran in the ran. Which I may have to do again on Saturday.

I’ve eaten more eggs than I ever have in my life. Hard boiled, scrambled or poached – just to make sure I had some protein at lunch.

The training has been one of the greatest experiences in my young adult life and I’m excited to share the results when I’ve finished. Until then, run on.


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