Running Chronicles

When I view a list of things to add fulfillment to your life or something along those lines of achieving happiness, it often suggests doing something for the first time. Well, 2015 is off to a great start for me in terms of accomplishing firsts (first time a bridesmaid, first time driving in mountains alone, first time skiing in keystone). Among those, is training for a half marathon and finishing a 10K as part of the training process. As I continue to add distance to my runs, I’m accomplishing new mileage and experiences all the time.

For instance, Saturday was a significant day of firsts as a part of my training. I’ve highlighted a few of those as well as a few additional takeaways:

• rain run
• 8-mile run
• running north of Kimball Ave. run
• running west of Browning St. run
• long run without using my inhaler prior
• OMG my feet and knees ache run
• Stopping under a tree to wait out the rain run

A few additional takeaways –
• 8 miles is tough
• Hitting a steep hill at mile 6 is tough
• I can adjust my run depending on the environment (weather, road construction, etc.) – positive!
• If I’m running in weather, I probably need weather-proof gear. I was terrified my phone would become soaked through my armband and ultimately be lost forever.
• I can push through and I can run in the rain

In fact, even as tough as this run was, that very evening I was researching marathons and possibly considering a warrior dash.

10K Eisenhower Marathon
Crossing the finish line at my first 10K race! April 2015

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