Where I’d Really Love to Be – Sunday

Where I’d really love to be right in this moment is sharing the most wonderful pot of coffee or bold, red bottle of wine with some great friends in a cozy tavern on the corner of somewhere nostalgic, weathered, historic and mysterious.

The magic of the season is upon us and boy it is bright. As we celebrate our savior’s birth, we can look around us and give thanks and celebrate many other blessings in life as well. Today I’m blessed that I could share in the joy of my little cousins Christmas program at a church where I used to attend Sunday School. Funny how the sanctuary seemed to have gotten smaller since I was last there around the seventh grade. It was a cozy, dim lit space; a wonderful ambience for remembering the reason for the season. Even better, I got to share some holiday time with extended family who we’ve not celebrated holidays with in some time. I wrapped presents and added to the pile underneath our family’s Christmas tree. It’s a truly magical time for many reasons and I plan to continue to take it in. Every last glowing light.

So that leaves me wanting to take in every last drop of magic with a hot cup of coffee or great glass of wine in a place of wonderment to really soak in the day.

Tell me where you’d really love to be to reflect on the magical reasons of the season.


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