Monday 6-30-14

Before I do anything else this evening, I’m going to write! I have been writing in odds and ends places because I can’t seem to get into my wordpress account, which might be a good thing on some days. But it seems on my last “official” post, I was really excited about the last book I started “Everyone Worth Knowing”. I finished it fairly quickly, reading pretty much every night. It was a good read! So much of a good read that I check out “The Devil Wears Prada” today. I almost opted for “Chasing Harry Winston” by the same author, but decided to add that to my list to read instead. I was a little anxious about not having a book to read last night, but luckily I had time to hit the library over lunch today. 

I think it is officially one of the warmest and most humid days of the summer so far. Even the dogs were allowed to come in the house and enjoy some air conditioning. Zoe and Sadie are outdoor dogs only allowed inside during extreme weather conditions – heat, cold, hail, etc. 

Yesterday I officially – notice everything is official here – began moving yesterday to a house in town. It will be a good trial run since thankfully I don’t have to sign a lease. It will be good to see if my attitude towards the job, town and just the whole situation in general changes. Look forward to telling some stories from the view of that room. It has a nice garden area, so looking forward to that as well! 

Noticeably it’s the last day of June. I’m excited to celebrate 4th of July, but then after that I feel like summer is on the downhill slide and I haven’t even been able to fully enjoy summer in all its glory yet. The best official summer activity I had so far was attending the College World Series for the Ole Miss and Virginia game. I was able to spend a day with friends and then another day doing some shopping before I left town. It is always so good to be back in Omaha. I miss it often. 

I look forward to writing more as I move into a place that will give me a little more of my own space and maybe not having to drive 40 min one-way will benefit my mentality as well. Best wishes for the beginning of a wonderful July 2014!


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